why buy from us?

When shopping for premium outdoor furniture, how do you make the right decision? You want to pull the trigger but you still have lingering questions: Will the quality match my expectations? Am I getting a reasonable deal? Could I get a better deal somewhere else?

Those who shop online frequently know it is best to shop around a bit. Looking what others are offering can give you the confidence to make a good choice. Consider our hampton collection below:

While these chairs are not identical, they make an interesting comparison. Why such a price disparity? That is a fair question. By comparing the specifications, you can decide for yourself.

When looking at outdoor wicker, be sure to look for "dyed-through" resin wicker. This makes it UV-resistant to retain color. Beware the "no-name" brands and generic online stores. Not all resin is the same quality. Price is often an indication but not a guarantee. At Thos. Baker, we use brand-name Viro®, nDura® or similar synthetic wicker sourced from reputable resin manufacturers.

Be sure to check out the cushion descriptions. All of our cushions use Sunbrella® or equivalent "solution-dyed" acrylic fabrics for UV-resistance and durability. And our cushions are premium medium density foam with a polyester batting wrap.

Finally, look at the design from a common sense perspective. Does it look comfortable? Is the scale right for your space? As my wife would say, is it worth what they're asking?

In the particular case above, we think the price disparity is difficult to justify. We use the same or better materials to create a comfortable, substantial chair at a great price.

Considering aluminum? Let's talk about our hedges collection below:

Again, while the chairs above are not identical they are worth comparing. With aluminum, your choices are "cast" or "wrought" Cast aluminum is hot-poured into sand forms to achieve interesting design elements. Wrought aluminum is typically pre-formed tubular or flat aluminum that has been cut and carefully bent into shape and welded together.

The hedges club chair above is part of a cast aluminum collection. As with wicker, many stores sell cast aluminum furniture but few have the direct manufacturer relationships to control quality at the factory level. Cast aluminum is difficult to consistently make well across time. It requires well-maintained molds and solid quality control processes during production.

Be prepared to pay a little more for cast aluminum over wrought aluminum. Both can be equally beautiful and durable but casting aluminum can yield more complex designs. Whether wrought or cast, be sure to look for a quality "powder-coat" finishing process. This will protect the metal for years when done properly.

Finally, consider the welds. Even cast aluminum will have some welded elements. Wrought aluminum will have them at nearly every joint. They should be cleanly burnished and thoroughly powder-coated.

So, let's talk about price again! Comparisons like the one below are likely to confuse you:

How do you explain this one? The short answer is we don't know. At Thos. Baker, we direct import much of our furniture and try to present items at prices that fairly reflect underlying cost and value.

We are not aiming to be the cheapest. We are aiming to be the best value in premium furniture. A lot of our stuff is made in the exact same factory as "the big guys" using the exact same materials, design and construction. Perhaps it is because we are a smaller, leaner operation. Perhaps it is because we cringe when we see our competitors marking up products so much over what we know to be their cost.

Of course, we are not running a charity either. But we think the right idea is to make a fair, reasonable profit for the best quality furniture you can buy. Furniture that lasts. Furniture that represents real value.

More questions? Please call us at 877.855.1900 or email us anytime at info@thosbaker.com. If you call Monday through Saturday between 7am and 6pm Pacific, there is a pretty good chance you will get one of us here in the office who can really answer your questions. The phone is answered 24/7 so you can always leave a message for a specialist to call you back.

Thanks for considering Thos. Baker in your decision process. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

John Thos. Baker IV

Founder & CEO