trade discounts

Stay ahead of retail pricing. We understand the price pressure you’re under. Price transparency, comparison shopping, and a world-wide open field of competition make providing a compelling offer more and more challenging. We're here to help you by supporting your bottom line through trade discounts without compromising quality.

mobile friendly

With thoughtfully designed catalogs in both digital and print, we meet a wide range of shopping styles. And we’re always looking for compelling images. Our catalogs reach millions of consumers in the mail and on the web. Submit an image of your own that contains a Thos. Baker product and it could find its way into the hearts and minds of millions of highly qualified customers. You, of course, will be given full credit for the work. Available on iPad or PC/MAC.

marketing co-op

You know you have to spend more time in social media but it only works for your business if you remain consistent; not easy if you are busy working. We can resolve that dilemma in a couple of ways. First, we’ll work with you to share the content we create. And when you can, you share with us. We’ll even help you create content providing access to our creative team and the many talents they bring to the table. For more info email marketing@thosbaker.com.