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moderne sale!

The moderne collection features premium, all-weather N-dura® wicker woven over reticulated foam. The foam is sandwiched between the wicker and perforated aluminum sheet providing comfort and support without separate cushions. Arms and legs are powder-coated aluminum in a mahogany finish. The styling cues are strictly mid-century modern. The materials and construction are state-of-the-art.

moderne sale!

moderne club chair

$995 $697

moderne ottoman

$395 $277

moderne sofa

$1,995 $1,397

moderne chaise

$1,295 $907

moderne 4pc seating set

$3,030 $2,895

moderne 5pc dining set

$3,185 $2,595

moderne 5pc gathering set

$3,275 $2,595

moderne 5pc seating set

$4,775 $3,995