Laguiole (lag-YAWL) knives originated as a shepherd's weapon in Napoleonic France. The bee emblem at the thumb represents industriousness and was awarded where it pleased the petit generale.

Laguiole is not a brand name but rather an area within the Auvergne region. The design and name are public domain and frequently abused. Ours are made by Societe de Coutellerie Intrielle et Publicitaier ("SCIP") to ensure premium quality and respect for traditional methods.

Handles are assorted precious woods: boxwood, Brazilian rosewood, armourette, juniper, ebony and natural rosewood. Or choose all boxwood. Stainless blades. Set of six in a wooden gift box.
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Thos. Baker Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

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laguiole steak knives
(set of 6)


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