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deluxe solitaire game

This game of solitaire is reputed to have been invented by a nobleman confined in the Bastille prison during the early years of the French Revolution. The game is played with 36 marbles. The object is to "jump" marbles until only one remains, ideally in the center of the game board. An ideal cocktail table conversation piece, the game is simple to play but very challenging to master. French finished game board on a small pedestal. Approximately 14" in diameter and 4" tall. Includes 38 semi-precious marbles.
...and your choice of chairs...
add your choice of cushions (if any)

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bell tower antica model
$399.00 $550.00 $399.00 $399.00 Item
grand staircase model
$219.00 $280.00 $219.00 $219.00 Item
noughts and crosses
$95.00 $95.00 $95.00 $95.00 Item
campaign lap desk
$159.00 $130.50 $159.00 $159.00 Item