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Thos. Baker Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

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bb korn car

For a few short years before and after WW ll, the ear splitting shriek of hand-built model race cars known as spin-dizzies or tether cars could be heard across America and from the beginning they were always much more than toys. Best known are the models from the BB Korn Manufacturing Company, introduced in 1938 and featured hand-cast alloy chassis, a louvered aluminum body and ball bearing axles. Powered by model airplane engines these models reached speeds over 150 miles per hour. These replicas are true to many of the original details and represent some of the finest in American craftsmanship.
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red baron's fokker triplane
$485.00 $485.00 $485.00 $485.00 Item
victorian rocking horse
$3,295.00 $2,700.00 $3,295.00 $3,295.00 Item
bantam midget car
$495.00 $405.00 $495.00 $495.00 Item
pan am DC3
$650.00 $650.00 $650.00 $650.00 Item
spad XIII bi-plane
$350.00 $350.00 $350.00 $350.00 OnlineAndUp