When it comes to metal furniture, we love aluminum. It’s lightweight, durable, easy to clean and a great value. But not all aluminum is created equal. Here are a few things to consider when you’re shopping for your aluminum outdoor furniture.
1) Don’t confuse your metals – Outdoor metal furniture is also made from iron and stainless steel. We prefer aluminum over other metals for outdoor furniture due to its light weight, rustproof qualities and versatile design options.
2) Look for a high quality aluminum that’s been powder coat finished – We go to great lengths to properly finish our aluminum furniture so that you don’t have to deal with chips or pitting in the metal.
3) Know the difference between cast and extruded – Cast metals are liquefied and poured into a mold that give it a unique shape and design often with expected imperfections that lend to the authenticity of the piece. Extruded aluminum is shaped by heating the metal to a pliable state and pushing through a mold to create pieces that are later hand wrought and welded together. Both processes can potentially create an equally durable product, provided the proper care and practices are adhered to.

To clean your aluminum outdoor furniture, pick a dry sunny day and follow these simple steps:
1) Remove any cushions and use a garden hose to spray any dirt and debris away. Never use a power washer on aluminum furniture.
2) Soap down your frames using a mild dishwashing soap and a soft brush or rag. Be sure to wash the underside of the pieces as well as the corners and any crevices where lawn clippings and dirt can easily accumulate.
3) If you notice any scuff marks on your furniture, try using a non-scratching cleanser to address those areas – gently scrub until the spot is removed.
4) Rinse the pieces thoroughly after you’ve washed them – making sure to remove all soap residue.
5) Let furniture dry thoroughly before replacing the cushions. When not use, store in a clean, dry space. Do not leave outdoors in below freezing temperatures for prolonged amounts of time.
My life is too busy to be spending time cleaning patio furniture. Aluminum has been a great solution for us in terms of durability, functionality and versatility. With three small children—often heavily armed with markers—we just wipe down our sofa after a well-intentioned burst of youthful creativity. Working in furniture, I have developed an eye for quality and would never recommend products that were less than exceptionally crafted, let alone use them in my own home.
With the technology we have today, we are able to build better, stronger, and more unique designs than ever before using a variety of metals. Aluminum is a particularly interesting material as it can be crafted into styles that mimic other metals but is lighter in weight, lower in cost and easier to maintain. We opted for the hedges collection which complements the traditional style of our home without too much fuss; exactly what a hectic household needs to get us out in the yard and enjoying our time together.
-Nikki Lounsbury, Merchandising Assistant