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Why Thos. Baker?
Although I grew up in the Midwest, I have lived all over the country including Boston, Dallas, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles, to name a few. And I have had the opportunity to travel a bit, from Prague to Sydney, Moscow to Jakarta, Shanghai to Mykonos.

But of all the places I have been, I like Bainbridge Island, Washington, the best. It has been home for over a decade and my kids have spent most of their lives here.

Bainbridge Island is home.

When I founded Thos. Baker, I aspired to create something authentic, timeless, beautiful, sensible, coastal and uniquely American. Something with a strong sense of place.

  Bainbridge Island Ferry
We have always struggled to express that ideal in just a word or two. We try to say it with our images and product selections. We try to say it with our customer service. We try to say it with our catalogs and emails. We hope you hear us through all those choices we make.

If you need a simple phrase to hang your hat on, just think of us as "Thos. Baker, Bainbridge Island." We describe our home with all those same words we use to describe our company. You are always welcome in our home just as you are always welcome to create your own Bainbridge Island.

Thanks for considering Thos. Baker. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Thos. Baker LLC Founder and CEO, John Baker.
   John Thos. Baker IV
   Founder & CEO